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Dicetown Diaries is a casual puzzle game developed by Stellarplay Games. In this game, players can enjoy the game of Yatzy with people around the world. There are multiple game modes included in the game to ensure players will not get bored easily.

Roll dice & play DiceTown Diaries!

Welcome to DiceTown, the town Heather grew up in. It’s a picturesque, warm, quaint beach town right out of 90s America. Everyone knows everyone and is ready to lend a helping hand. And boy is Heather glad to return home with you! Aunt Betsy, Sailor and all the other charming folks could surely use your and Heather’s help in getting some of the most loved hotspots of DiceTown up and running.

This classic dice game known by many names over the years -Yatzy, Yacht, Yahsee, Yatzi- is reexplored in DiceTown Diaries with a fun, new twist. Use the magic of your dice to help the charming townsfolk of DiceTown and breathe new life into an old town.

Also, do you love games like Farkle, Bingo, Monopoly, Poker Dice, Puzzle, Cards, Scrabble? Then you will love this new two player dice game! No idea what Yatzy is? Download now and we'll find out together in the most popular, simple, fast, and endlessly fun dice board game!

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. It keeps your brain Active & Sharp
. With multiple game modes there's always a fresh puzzle
. Play against and meet people from all over the world
. Friends & family have been enjoying it for decades
. The classic way to relax with a new charming look

=== What makes DiceTown Diaries so interesting & fun ===

Multiple Game Modes: Start with our ever so unique Yatzy 'Casual 3 Dice' mode, clear levels, & unlock other unique Yatzy game modes. There is no getting bored when you have a variety of game modes to choose from.

Engaging Stories:
Give new life to an old town & help charming town folks by fixing & rebuilding their places.

Power Up:
Use Bonus Rolls to get extra shots at Yatzy or "The Mega Roll" as we call it

Play With Opponents:
Match with people from all over the world to test your game skills. Ask for a rematch if you want; we have it all covered.

Beat the bot:
We always try to get you fast games from real players.. But it never gets lonely in DiceTown, we have bots that can help you play and progress on your journey.

Profile View: Track your achievements, rank, & progress. Keep improving :)

Thank you for playing DiceTown Diaries!

We regularly bring updates with improvements and bug-fixes.

To further improve the game, there is no one better than you to share what you love & what can be improved. So, we request you to write a review on the App Store. We'd greatly appreciate it.
Let's build the best dice board game together :)

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Nobody rated the game yet
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