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SHINE POST Be Your IDOL! is a Japanese idol-themed cross-media project created by KONAMI and Straight Edge, adapted from the light novel written by Rakuda that shares the same name. Shine post will release their work on multiple media platforms, including a mobile game on both Android and iOS (release date unknown), a TV anime series (in 2022), songs and LIVE.

The story of Shine Post revolves around five young girls who pursue the dream of becoming the "Absolute Idol" that everyone in the world adores, although they currently belong to the idol group "TiNgs" that only a few people know. In the mobile game, players need to help "TiNgs" develop into a more successful idol group by training, going through each character's story and performing LIVE. Players can enjoy the fun of guiding these cute girls and polishing them to become a top-notch idol group that can take the world by storm. Apart from "TiNgs", other members from different idol groups will also be featured in the game. Players will be able to encounter a variety of idols who will express their unique charisma and charm in different styles.

An extraordinary crew of professional voice actresses, which include Sayumi Suzushiro, Moeko Kanisawa / ≠ME, Yuko Natsuyoshi, Rimo Hasegawa and Nakagawa Rika, will be voice-acting the characters in the Shine Post Project to deliver the most charismatic characters.

Shine Post Project Official Website: https://shinepost.jp/
Shine Post Project Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/SHINEPOST_PJ
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