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Kamigoroshi Aria is a 3D role-playing game developed by EXNOA. The game will be available on both PC and Android.

∎ Synopsis
In the near future, a mysterious space called "Shinshokuryouiki" appears around the world. People are trapped inside and become the meal of white alien monsters existing in the space called "Shingun". People are living in terror and despair as the military force fails to deal with these deadly creatures. Nonetheless, a group of magical girls appear and happen to defeat Shingun using the power obtained from the devil. They are called the "Dear Miss". The story of Kamigoroshi Aria revolves around your journey of battling alongside Dear Miss, while a huge conspiracy is about to unfold...

∎ Game features
・Two battle modes: "Normal Battle" and "Raid Battle"
・"ADV" system
・"Link Skills" among characters

Release Date: 2021
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