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[This game is no longer in operation.]


Kimodameshi is a horror adventure game developed by Tanisu Games.

retro 2D dot picture horror escape game [Kimodameshi]!

A simple but chilling 2D horror escape adventure!
This is a horror game where you have to solve riddles within a time limit and escape from a haunted place where you are trapped.
You have to solve the riddles within the time limit and escape from the haunted places. Please enjoy the world of fear that is slowly transmitted through the retro dot pictures.
The game is a horror escape adventure!

A few decades ago, a horrific incident occurred at a school deep in the mountains.
Seven people, including teachers and students, were brutally slashed to death by "T," the most brilliant student in the village at the time.
After that, the school was closed down, but the building was not torn down.

Today, it has become a famous haunted spot and a great place for young people to test their mettle.
You have been invited by your friends to participate in a test of courage tonight.

You have to light seven candles in the school building within the time limit.
Will you be able to escape from the closed school safely?

How to play the game
Use the cross key to move the main character.
A key to search
The lit candle is displayed at the top of the screen.
The game is over when the battery runs out.

■■Recommended for the following people
I like retro games.
I like horror games.
I like solving puzzles.
I like psychic phenomenon and occult.
I like stories about bizarre murders.
I like mysteries and mystery novels.

Hints to escape
I like stories about bizarre murders.
If you go back to a place you've already been, you might find something.
You can find the answer in the message itself.

This game contains scary scenes and grotesque expressions such as bloodshed.
This game is a fiction. This game is a work of fiction. The people and places that appear in this game are fictional and have nothing to do with real people, groups, or events.
There is no save function in this game. There is no save function in this game, so if you quit the application, you will have to play from the beginning.
(You can resume the game from the background.)
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.4
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