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Phantom Blade: Executioners is a dark fiction martial arts action game developed by S-Game. It is the newest game of the mobile RPG series "Phantom Blade", which is also developed by S-Game. Phantom Blade: Executioners was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2021 and is expected to be available on mobile platforms and PC in the first half of 2022.

The game is designed in a unique style called the "KungfuPunk" which represents its endless satisfying combat, hack n' slash, and epic experience of the adventure in a mysterious and dark world. The story of the game is set in a fantasy wuxia world that is full of people's lust, grudge, and conspiracies. You, the player, act as a member of the "organization" in this game, and from an SOS letter, you discover that many people are being transformed into ferocious monsters by a mysterious modification technique, Sha-Chi. In this game, you need to defeat these soulless monsters standing in your way and find out the truth behind them to rescue this wicked world. 

The game is a semi-open world game, where players will run into moments of decision-making that affect the upcoming missions and the flow of the story. Each character in the game has a deep backstory related to their nature or opinion towards Sha-Chi. These stories will be unlocked in-game when players upgrade related skills. 

The battle in this game emphasizes freedom in the combination of moves. Players can create a chain of moves according to their preference to secure a skill combo. The length and effects of the move chain can be easily adjusted to achieve the best outcome. During the battle, the ability to unleash the right move chain at the right time absolutely defines the skill of the player!

A famous crew of voice actors has participated in the production of this game to deliver an immersive and entrancing gaming experience. With you are into martial art fighting games with a dark theme, Phantom Blade: Executioners is definitely a one-to-watch!

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