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Devilaby Rogue is a roguelike game developed by KEMCO_GAMES.
In this game, players will explore numerous labyrinths, overcome different obstacles and hazards to clear the stage.

At the start of every adventure you embark on, you will be reset to LV.1!
Building your own deck and utilizing the cards gathered in the dungeon to complete your adventure!

★☆★Roguelike Dungeons★☆★
There are over 10 types of the dungeon for your adventure. 
Build your team to deal with battle, complete special events, and collect cards.
A variety of enemies will also appear in different types of dungeons. Defeat them and clear the dungeon!

★☆★Card Deck and Theme★☆★
A good deck is a key to your success in the dangerous dungeon. You can pick one deck out of five before you start the adventure.
Just like other card games, you can build your deck around one theme (such as around poison or graveyard) to enjoy a unique style of battle.
In addition to the cards collected in the dungeon, every adventure will be as exciting as ever!

★☆★Card and Treasure★☆★
There are over 300 types of cards and over 150 types of treasure, you can obtain.
Use your creativity and knowledge to choose from the infinite possibilities and combinations!
Should you go all-out and max out your attack? Or should you make sure your can move as much as possible?
Maximizing the potential of the cards and the deck strategically is the only path to success!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.0
25 Rating(s), 24 Comment(s)
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