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Witch Tower is a tower defense-style RPG game developed by R.O.App.

In this game, the player will become レムリア (Lemuria), the witch resided in the magic tower.
There will be numerous people trying to defeat you, strengthen yourself and your tower to defend against them!

■Simple yet exciting battle
Your partners will automatically fight against human beings in their own style.
All you need to do is to observe the situation and give your instruction timely during the battle to defeat them.

■Summon new partners
You can capture human beings in the midst of the battle.
These people can be used as sacrificial items to summon new devil partners. The kind of devil summoned will be determined by the combination of the people sacrificed. 

■The assimilation system
You can assimilate the same class of partners strategically to upgrade them to higher levels.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.1
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