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Pedometer BL dating simulation 『Running Idol Star』

#만보기 #BL #연애 Simulation #미연시

Min Woo-joo is such a shy boy that he can't even look straight into someone's eyes.
With his timid nature and stage fright, is he never going to become a successful idol?
Now, he is only a social withdrawal who lives his life without any social interaction with others.

Then one day, he realized a strange app was installed on his phone.
「Towards your dream world, pedometer」... ?
At that moment, a pure white light enveloped him.
When he opens his eyes, there is...!

If you could make your dream come true in another world...
What would be your choice?

◆Pedometer system
The pedometer is an item in the game,
When you walk, you accumulate pedometer points.
Use your pedometer points to get a fashionable outfit with a random draw!

◆36 types of fashion items
Dress up your avatar to increase your attractiveness.
Find the taste of each character and progress through the story with the outfits that you chose, and you will accumulate additional charisma stats!

◆4 characters in 4 different colors
President Lee Do-hyuk, idol Han Byul, dancer Park Gun-woo, composer Jeong Yeon-ho…
A variety of characters are waiting for you!

◆A special date
A special date with characters other than the main story!

[ caution ]
- The pedometer is counted only while the app is running.
- Depending on the device, the pedometer may not work.
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Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.4
1 Rating(s), 1 Comment(s)
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