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Let’s join the American high school where the bad guys and school gangsters give you a tough challenge. The only way of your survival in this criminal guy’s school is to fight like a bully guy and knockout these king Fu karate masters. Become the evil-minded student of the mad city school and scare the class teachers with bad tricks. Never mess with security guards that may cause you will be caught and get punishment in this bad guys simulator game. These school gangster simulation games guide the crazy high school boys on how to do criminal activities in their class.

Start your ultimate adventure and enjoy the fun by disturbing the class with your crazy tricks. Through the papers and other dirty things on the dice table while the teacher is busy writing on the classroom whiteboard. Be the open-world student of the Vegas city high school and break all the rules and discipline of the school. Join the bad guy’s squad and lead a criminal gang of the American city school and taste the extreme outlaws of gangster city. Snatch the bags of your classmates and engage with college bully boys in this UFC Street fighting game.

Experience the extreme thrill and ultimate adventure in this school gangster guide game. Be the real naughty boy of the class and tease the scary teachers with your ugly tricks. Make your own criminal empire in the classroom by gathering other crime simulator students. Escape from the crime scene like a real mad squad schoolboy after teasing the principal and teachers. Refresh your memory as a city gangster schoolboy and do evil acts like a real crime simulator master.

Unleash your king Fu karate skills during the extreme fighting with mad guys in the football stadium. Play football on the ground and enhance your soccer skills. Taste the open sky bully fighting & engage with other school gangs. Punch on the face like a real street fighter and knock out the evil students like a crazy boxing champion.

Download the bad guy’s simulation game for free and get new tricks and guidelines about teasing the spooky teachers in these students’ walkthrough games. Let’s become a virtual thief and snatch the lunch boxes and bags of classmates and scared the hyper teacher with evil tricks. Guide your bad boy on how to bunk the class and disturb the crazy teacher and scared the principal with horror activities.

Features of Bad guy’s school simulation:

- Multiple exciting mission-based levels full of crazy tricks & naughty activities

- Teasing the math teacher by using your student evil mind

- Scared the principal by dropping her from the chair
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 5.0
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