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[This game is no longer in operation.]


Illustration Detective Game is a detective game developed by ニュース速報ch.
Look at the illustration of the case, make a deduction,
Let's unravel the truth of the case!

An experience-based mystery game where you can feel like a detective with simple operations!

If you can clear it, you will join the ranks of famous detectives !?

▼ How to proceed with the game 1. Check the questions.
2, Tap the place you think is the answer.
3, If you answer correctly, you can proceed to the next question.

* Hint function. You can see hints of the problem by watching the video.

* Answer display / skip function. You can also see the answer to the problem by watching the video.
This is useful if you want to move on to the next issue.
The hint and answer functions are spoilers, so use them systematically!

▼ Recommended for people like this ・ People who want to play puzzle-solving games that can be enjoyed easily ・ People who want to play games that can be played for free ・ People who like mystery games ・ People who like puzzle-solving and reasoning ・ When there is no choice but to take a break from studying・ At the time of commuting to school

▼ To game commentators We allow the commentary of this app.
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