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Stampede is a simulation game developed by shoutry.

In Stampede, you need to protect the princess by destroying a large number of enemies. 

You can play it repeatedly with simple controls, and even if you leave it alone, it gets stronger and more challenging!

It's an exhilarating experience to knock down enemies in one fell swoop with a series of over a trillion damage with your proficiencies!

You can train your soldiers and princesses through repeated defense.

Even if you are annihilated, you can reincarnate by taking over everything except the number of days of defense.

How many days can you defend?

Each defense takes 10 to 20 seconds.

Even if you close the app and leave it unattended, the game will automatically advance and level up up to the maximum number of defense days.

In the map mode, explore one square at a time to find the boss and challenge him.

In map mode, explore one square at a time to find the boss and challenge him.

[Training elements]
- One level up per defense.
- There are 64 professions to choose from, and all abilities you learn are inherited.
- 400 types of equipment.
- 100 kinds of treasures.
- Enhance your status with the reincarnation stones you receive when you reincarnate.
- Strengthen your status with magic stones.
- Strengthen your equipment.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.3
2 Rating(s), 3 Comment(s)
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