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Mist Train Girls A-From the window of the foggy world- is a strategy card RPG developed by DMMGAMES for mobile devices.

In this game, you are the conductor of the magical train 'Mist Train', which travels around a hazy continent, "Iris Cloud". In your adventure, you will be leading a crew of young girls called "Train Knight"  to reveal the mystery hidden under the heavy mist around the world. 

The story of this game happens around the fantasy world 'Iris Cloud', where people have been harassed and attacked by the evil monsters living in the unsettling mist around the enormous trees located on the borders of the five countries on the continent. This ominous mist has completely cut out the connection among the countries. There is nothing the human force can do but getting weaker and weaker.

Nonetheless, the world's best talents have worked hard together to overcome the predicament. They have invented the magical train "Mist Train", which is the only safe transportation across different countries. On top of that, "Tokutetsu-Tai", an army specialized in fighting against the monsters in the fog is formed. Tokutetsu-Tai recruits young girls with the best military talent from all the countries in Iris Cloud to carry out missions for countering the mist. This is the fascinating tale of you and your partners from Tokutetsu-Tai fighting for rescuing the world from this misty disaster.

The power of characters in the game is not limited by level caps like the other games do. All you need to do is keeping battling with your favourite units and they will become stronger every time. Moreover, some of the abilities and EXP can be shared and transferred among characters, so that newly obtained characters can fit in and become the core of your team immediately with no hassle. Mechanics like auto-battle and idle training are also included in the game to meet the need of all players.

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145 Rating(s), 239 Comment(s)
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