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Beatcats OFFICIAL FANCLUB is an app developed by セガトイズ, dedicated to the cute Beatcats for mobile. 

It is a music game that you can insert into Beatcats, train according to the rhythm, participate in LIVE and raise the fan rank, and grow into a first-class artist.

As the fan rank goes up, the story progresses! New songs will be released and new events will start.
Train a lot and raise the level of Beatcats!

Let's make the house gorgeous!
Easy operation just by tapping the screen in rhythm! Just log in to get bonuses and benefits!
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■ Let's interact with Beatcats!
House: A dormitory where Beatcats live together.
Insert furniture and items to make Beatcats happy!
If you insert something you like, "Necosta" LIVE will start. You can also hear the inside story about what kind of feelings you are working on.

■ Let's improve our ability by training!
Let's improve the five powers of vocal, performance, teamwork, mental and intelligence in a well-balanced manner.
Sparta special training! The types of training will increase in the future.

■ Let's participate in LIVE!
Contains all popular songs such as "Beatcats", "ZigZag Love" and "MEOW".
New songs will be released one after another in the future!

■ Beatcats Weather Forecast It will also tell you the daily weather forecast!

Official website: https://www.segatoys.co.jp/beatcats
Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4ILvmsIXsEDIIixvPimcVg
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beatcatsofficial/
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.3
15 Rating(s), 10 Comment(s)
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