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COUNTER: SIDE is a fantasy 2D strategic RPG by Korean Nexon for Android, iOS, and PC platforms. This is the Japanese version that supports voiced dialogues in Japanese. There are also Traditional Chinese, Korean, and SEA versions.

The story takes place in the near future. The world that humans live in is called the Normal Side (the real world), and the world where the erosion enemies live is the Counter Side (Outside world). Players will play as the boss of a private company "Kefen" and lead the "sanctioners" to erase erosion, guard peace, and fight for the future of mankind.

There are more than 100 characters in the game. The story scenes are produced in Live2D. The plot is detailed with more than 400,000 characters.

The combat gameplay is strategic tower defense. Players need to organize characters into a fleet of 1 ship and 8 members to confront the enemies. There are three types of characters including "Sanctioners," "Soldiers'' and "Armored units". There are four types of occupations including "Guard", "Vanguard", "Assault" and "Sniper" that restrain each other.

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Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.4
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