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A petal-themed puzzle game with memory and pattern recognition.

The objective is to complete each level in the least amount of moves.

It consists of 5 games as follows:

• Petal Move: Move the petals from one flower to another until each flower has the same shape petals.

• Petal Order: Memorise the petals - press GO - recreate them.

• Petal Pattern Logic: Complete the pattern with the given petals.

• Petal Swap: Swap 2 petals at a time until each flower has the same shape petals.

• Petal Memory: Memorise the flowers - press GO - recreate them.

Choose casual or expert mode.

• Casual mode is not timed and will wait for you to press GO before advancing on the memory games.

• Expert mode is timed and the GO button will also activate automatically after a few seconds if you havent yet tapped it.

In-app purchase: The first 50 levels are free, you can play them as often as you like. To unlock an additional 200 levels will cost a once-off fee of $1.99.

Earn gold by having 1 move left, silver by completing it with the target moves. There is no limit on the number of moves you can make to pass the level. Replay any level by tapping on it.

With the 3 games where you recreate the pattern or flowers, if a petal is wrong, the game shows you and wont allow you to place it there (but it counts as 1 move). Therefore if you cant work out the pattern or remember, you can keep trying the petals one at a time until one stays. That way you can always pass a level.
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