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Valorant Mobile is the mobile version of the first-person shooter game developed and published by Riot Games in 2020. The publisher announced the development of the mobile game for the commemoration of the first anniversary of the video game.

The game is a 5v5 team-based FPS, and the players will be choosing one of the agents with different unique abilities and ultimate skills. This mechanism should be familiar for those who have played Rainbow Six or Call of Duty. It also combines the signature shopping system in the game like the classic Counter-Strike series. You need to buy ability charges and weapons with the money you earn from taking down opponents or winning the matches.

The reception of the game since its release is mostly positive, and it has become one of the most-streamed video games on Twitch. Like many other FPS games, the game has launched multiple esports tournaments, and a one-year-long tournament series was announced at the end of 2020.

Valorant Mobile is still under development, and the release date is yet to be determined. According to the official, the mobile version will be independent of its PC version as it will not support cross-platform gameplay. But the fans can expect it to be as fun as the PC counterpart with a few tweaks to accommodate mobile devices.

---Below is the information provided by the developer---
VALORANT Mobile is a first-person shooting game developed by Riot Games, Inc for mobile.

The official website of VALORANT: https://playvalorant.com/ja-jp/
The official twitter of VALORANT: @VALORANTjp
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