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☞ Other Version(s): 簡中版

Ayakashi Kindergarten is an onmyoji themed RPG developed by Netease for mobile.
Transform yourself  into a cute shikigami with your friends and be a part of a big kindergarten!
Clear the mission together or secretly betray your partners!

A 3-minute high-speed game experience, easy gameplay anytime, anywhere! 
Have fun and go back to kindergarten with your friends and family!

[Game features]

[Two conflicting camps! ]
Experience a fun-filled mission! But don't let your guard down ... because there is a disciplinary committee member that watches your every move! Maybe the guy next to you is secretly disciplinary committee member?  
The disciplinary committee will hide their identity and act like a regular kindergarten children, be careful not to get caught in the surroundings! Be aware! 

[Voice chat]
 Search for the disciplinary committee by voice! The disciplinary committee is going to ruin all the fun between the kindergarteners! Gather everyone and have a 120-second audio discussion each round! Let's discuss who is the disciplinary committee while sharing information in real time!  After the discussion, vote and drop the shikigami who you think is a member of the discipline!

[Fast battle prompt decision] 
Play in anytime, anywhere!
A stressless game in 3 minutes! You can start and play the game anytime, anywhere, even during meals, waiting for some time, or in your spare time! Matching is established immediately without lag! I just fell in love with the 3-minute reversal play!

[Beginner-friendly] Difficulty can be freely selected!
Various modes such as beginner chat mode, beginner VC mode, intermediate VC mode, Hyakki Yagyo mode, etc. are implemented! Whether you're a beginner or a game master, you'll find the perfect mode!

[Japanese support]
No worries if you don't speak Japanese, the game has a translation function for all the non-Japanese speaker!

Official site: www.yokaiacademy.j
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/HyakKinder (@HyakKinder)
Inquiries: hyakkinder_jp@global.netease.com
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.4
14 Rating(s), 11 Comment(s)
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