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Idle Girls Clicker is an idle bishojo game developed by アサマゲームズ.  In this game, players need to click the screen to accumulate points, which can be used to boost the relationship between the players and the adorable girls so that some cute events can happen!


Love game app "Girls Clicker".
A heart-stopping coming-of-age experience with cute girls for you.


** Character Introduction **

* Rin Hanazono (Voice Actor: 月影凛)

An honor student who is both literate and talented.
She has a cheerful personality and has many friends of both sexes.
She is a bit of a perfectionist.
She also seems to have a "certain secret". ......?


* Mayu Shinonome (Voice Actor: 愛枝今日子)

She is honest, kind, and has a big sisterly nature.
She actually has three younger sisters, and is a very caring and reliable person.
On the other hand, she's so firm that she doesn't know how to spoil them well.


** Game Systems **

When you touch a character, a
The ♡ symbol will appear and the points in the game will increase.
You can buy items with the points you accumulate.
You can use the points you accumulate to buy items and progress through the game more efficiently.

When the points you accumulate reach a certain level, the scenario will be released.
There is an ending for each character in this game.
When you reach the ending, the game will be cleared.

Keep touching the girls to get to the ending!

Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.6
9 Rating(s), 3 Comment(s)
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