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While hiding from a bully, you pick up a strange, glowing seed that launches you into a universe of herbivores and carnivores!

Now human bullies are the furthest thing from your mind as you try to navigate a world full of mortal peril, while searching for a way to return home.

With the help of your herbivore friends the task doesn’t seem quite so daunting, but in this world there’s a predator around every corner…


Meet the Thoroughbred Tsumugi!

A natural optimist, Tsumugi is a horse with aspirations who wants nothing more than to bring the carnivores and herbivores together. With natural athleticism and a charm unlike any other, can you help her overcome the hurdles in her path, or will you leave her to roam alone?

Meet the Enigmatic Eimi!

A quiet, generous girl adored by everyone at Herbivore High, Eimi is greatly admired. With her sunny outlook it would be easy to think her life is perfect, but even idols have their dark secrets… Will you uncover what she’s hiding, or must she carry her burdens alone?

Meet the Elite Suzu!

Suzu is the girl who can do it all. She’s tireless, authoritative and has an innate ability to bring people together. But all this comes at a price—standing atop the school hierarchy, she’s alone. When the pressures of life become too much for her, will you stand by her side or let her fall?
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.1
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