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D_CIDE TRAUMEREI is a mobile game in a three-party multimedia project developed by Bushiroad, Sumzap, and Drecom for game, anime, and comic books in 2021. The game has an atmosphere with a combination of Dark Juvenile fiction, Cthulhu Mythos, and Nostalgia.

The main stage is set on an isolated island Yura in the south, where the protagonist Furukata Rando, the student of Wadatsumi Gakuen, finds that he was accidentally involved in a mysterious and terrifying murder case. Being chosen as the "Knocker-up" who can travel between reality and dream, Rando will be fighting against the nightmares that plan to invade the real world.

In the game, there is visual novel storytelling and a turn-based combat system. You will be able to visit different places on the island and build a friendship with other characters to establish a bond. One noteworthy feature in the combat is the "Over Mode" that once the requirements are met, you can perform special skills with astounding graphics and destroy the enemies.

Some noticeable names in the credit list include the scriptwriter who created the original "Persona" video game series, Tadashi Satomi, in charge of the story and the character design, and the famous rock band Tokyo Jihen writing the theme song and some of the tracks in the game.

D_CIDE TRAUMEREI is expected to be a dark, fantasized, atmospheric work that people into the mystic and gloomy tones will enjoy. The players will tell that the developers have put a huge amount of effort into the game with a fully voiced script, an intriguing story, and splendid talents in the production.

Yura Island is a magnificent and natural island surrounded by the sea.
Rando Furukata, the protagonist, gets involved in an unnatural death event at the Wadatsumi Academy.
As such, he was chosen as a “Knocker-Up” who travels between the worlds of dream and reality.
He enters a nightmare from which he will never awaken…

Official Website: https://dctm.jp/
Anime website: https://dctm-pj.com/
Official Twitter: @dctm_pj
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.9
174 Rating(s), 51 Comment(s)
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