Welcom to Wonderful Island world!

To arrive at the island is called Wonderful Island around the world and you can get wonderful experience.
What's the wonderful experience?
That is that crops grown in this island will transform into a new type of crops certain conditions.

In order to make new discoveries, you are going to challenge a world class discovery yourself.

[How the game works]
You control the player in the center, sow crop seeds wherever you want, and harvest the fruits of the crops.

The seeds you sow are going to grow over gradually when passed a day. The seeds grow the young leaves, flowers are blooming, make the fruits. If you pass a few days under making the fruits, to become the seeds and it is wilted soon.
* There are two types that vegetables and fruits, if you grow fruits they are blooming and make the fruits, never die.

If you haven't never gotten harvest this fruits, get it. If you don't have seed of this crop, you wait to grow seeds then get it.

[The purpose of this game]
There are two purpose mainly.

First, you are going to gain the harvest of a crop. If you gain a lot of it, you can get the new seeds and titles.

Another, you are going to discover the new crops. The new crops are changed with influence around situation, weather and season until it becomes a fruit. You harvest the crop, you can check it on the picture book. Discover the kind of 70 crop and let's complete the picture book.

[What's picture book]
You can check each crops if you get them and check a hint of crops certain conditions for new crops.

[What's record]
You can check your level, the next seed you get, your playing record, also titles.

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[ Support OS ]
AndroidOS 5.0 over. Part of the terminal are non supported.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 2.0
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