Dengeki Novekomi is a reading app developed by KADOKAWA CORPORATION for mobile. 
A must-see for light novel lovers! Enjoy the works of Dengeki Bunko every day for free!
With a rich lineup of animated works and masterpieces you want to read again, you will surely find the work you want to read, a combined novel and manga app!

▼ You can read popular works for free every day!
You can read 12 episodes of Novel and 6 episodes of Manga for ¥ 0 every day by using "Novell Point" and "Manga Point" that recover at 7 am and 9 pm every day.
Enjoy the masterpieces of Dengeki Bunko at your own pace for free!

▼ A lineup of popular old works to recent hot topics!
From the works of the 1990s to the latest animated works are posted at once!
You will surely find nostalgic works and works you are interested in!
Find your favorite work and follow the updates!

[Example of work]
1% classroom
86-86-Eighty Six-
C3 -Sea Cube-
F rank tyrant
Hello, Hello and Hello
Acairo / Romance Asura Cryin Atrium Lover The city legend of your city!
On that day, what I wished of God was always everywhere Shinobu 2 Ninja Imo Toraifu Intelli Village's Zashiki Warashi Escape Speed Elf Life as a different world lord who started with his wife Wolves and their seven friends Overwrite Good morning, fools. Good night, my world Your daughter is a gifted gifted Gura Shachi Chrono x Sex x Complex A Certain Magical Index The master is Yamanekohime Screwman & Fairy Lollipops Strike the Blood Time Leap Tomorrow But that was all I needed. Double Cast The Stairs to Zaratustra Beyond the sword Toradora!
Become! SE
Did you think Netoge's wife wasn't a girl?
The virtual human wolf game has a cute succubus face.
Black Bullet Heavy Object Hokago Hyaku Monogatari Me and the Witch-style Apocalypse Pocket Eh!
Miss Fabre's Mushino Arazono Riberio Makinaro Kyubu!
Adachi and Shimamura Iris Liar Mi-kun and Broken Ma-chan King Katsura Kaori on a rainy day!
A bouquet is rusted on the moon and you. Bisco Triangle is infinite. Zero purple qualia. Shakugan no Shana, ruled by seven magic swords. Mirror Alderamin Angel's 3P!
The gambling teacher does not pray Hiwa-chan's request is absolutely Nogizaka Haruka's secret Nogizaka Tomorrow's summer secret Silver sword breaker
Love rice that my childhood friend never loses The cherry blossoms have arrived Natsu Aisaka Wonderful Syndrome Spice and Wolf New Theory Wolf and Parchment Heat the liver of the wolf and the sheepskin paper Pig's friendship between men and women is established? (No, I won't do it !!)
Toradora spin-off!
Mad Barrett Underground Shinogono I wish I could be spoiled without saying!
The end of the library series
OB STACLE series Clash Hexennacht

▼ Comicalize of popular works is also included!
In Dengeki Novekomi, not only the comicalization of the main story, but also spin-offs and anthologies are posted.
Not only novels but also manga can be enjoyed for 0 yen, so it is a must-see for manga lovers!

[Example of work]
Hello, Hello and Hello
Asura Cryin'Strike the Blood A Certain Magical Index Gaiden A Certain Scientific Railgun Toradora!
Did you think Netoge's wife wasn't a girl?
The Devil Is a Part-Timer!
The Devil Is a Part-Timer! High school!
Black Bullet Black Bullet Interlude Fuck!
Heavy Object Heavy Object S
Heavy object A
Riberio Makinaro Kyubu! Yonkoma Adachi and Shimamura Shakugan no Shana God's Notepad Voice Actor Radio Uraomote Tenkyo no Alderamin Nogizaka Haruka's Secret Demon King That Daughter and Villager A
Wolf and Parchment New Theory Wolf and Parchment Wolf and Parchment Goodbye Piano Sonata A Certain Scientific Railgun Gaiden Astral Buddy Purple Qualia
C3 -The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

▼ Easy-to-read novel viewer With the novel viewer, you can customize the font size, line spacing, and background color as you like. Once customized, the settings are saved so you can enjoy the novel stress-free.
Let's read crisply with your favorite settings!

▼ Recommended for people like this!
・ I like reading light novels ・ I like reading manga ・ I want to read back the works of Dengeki Bunko ・ I want to read novels quickly in my free time to work and school ・ I want to read novels before going to bed at night ・ Manga in the gap time I want to read ・ I'm looking for a novel app that I can read for free ・ I want to enjoy both novels and manga

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