Husband Royale is an otome games visual novels for mobile.
When you start the application, it may take some time to go from the screen that displays "Transferring..." to the title top screen.
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A proposal for your hand in marriage from these celebrities!
The ones after your hand in marriage are…

The selfish and ambitious King of the hotel world.
"Maybe I should lock you away until our wedding."

A tea ceremony teacher overflowing with pheromones.
"I love you. I want to know more. Everything about you."

A beloved pro soccer player.
"I'm not taking no for an answer. Let me employ you from now on?"

A princely politician who is the youngest chief minister in history.
"I'll protect you. The only person I want to be a prince to is you."

A reliable yet, wild financier.
"If you keep making such cute noises, you'll make me want to eat you up."

◆Love stories◆

You're an interpreter working at an outsourcing agency.

One day, you were sent to interpret at an important VIP party.

That's where you were lead away, and told you were to marry a one of these super celebrities?!

One day, you were suddenly dragged into this war of the VIPs…

All of them battling over who gets to marry you.

The battle of these top-class brothers has just begun!

◆Who will you choose to be your boyfriend?◆

♥Homare Kahoin:King of the Hotel World
♥Nozomi Orishige:Master of Tea Ceremony
♥Nico Delfino:Passionate Soccer Player
♥Hifumi Kahoin:Gentleman Politician
♥Sosuke Akamatsu:Gruff Financier

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◆Basic Information◆

✓Free installation
✓Free basic play


✓Uninstalling the app or clearing the cache will reset player data.
✓This game will not work offline. Make sure you have an internet connection when you play.
✓Update your device's software to version 4.1 or later to play.

◆Terms of service◆
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