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Village of Adventurer is an adventure RPG developed by CHA DONG JIN for mobile.  

▣ Game Features ▣

▶ Battle
● Simple Manipulation Easy for Beginners.
● various types of quests, such as collecting, capturing, hunting, dungeon, etc.
● a striking battle using various parties and skills.
● Various Battle Fields and Monsters.

▶ Defensive battle
● Let's defend the town from the countless monsters!

▶ Run a store
● Let's haggle over the acquired items with the villagers and earn a high income.
● Let's develop the village by building various buildings such as farms, blacksmiths, and mines.

▶ Run a farm
● the cultivation of crops necessary for trade and production.
● breed powerful pet.
● A grown pet presents a powerful skill according to each attribute.

▶ Trade and mining
● Obtain items and goods by dealing with merchants.
● Various gems can be obtained through mining.

▶ Game in game
● Fishing - Let's be the best angler by fishing a big fish.
● Animal race - race with cute animals and win prizes.
● Occupy War - City occupation war between users to take and take away.

▶ Make equipment and items
● Cook the food needed for adventure using crops.
● Create equipment with various attributes.
● Make a magic drug that is useful for combat.

▶ Multilingual support
● English, Korean, Japanese
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.3
13 Rating(s), 5 Comment(s)
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