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Cafe Heaven is a casual simulation game developed by 1N1 for mobile. Come and make the best sandwich in town, and attract all the cute animals customers to visit your cafe!

Ham, cheese, lettuce, salmon, shrimp, steak and avocado!
Create a sandwich with 20 different ingredients and 5 emotional sauces!

■ A piece of memory
The animals that eat the sandwiches made with care ,begin to remember about their owners.
Listen and collect the stories of the animals.

Animal Friends
Cat, dog, rabbit, hamster, hedgeho, and squirrel!
Complete enigmatic spells from over 50 animal friends!

H am trees, cheese poles, bacon bushes, and Egg flowers!
Plant and harvest unusual sandwich ingredients.

You can collect more materials by fishing!
Unlock fishing grounds and collect unusual toys.

Arrange furniture and toys in the store.
Cats can use the furniture to sleep and play.

How did the main character cat come to Cafe Heaven?
Enjoy this heart-warming story!

※INDIECRAFT 2020 selected works
※ Final selection of the 4th SBA Indie Game Fast Track

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/1n1gamefactory
Contact: 1n1@1n1g.com
Developer Contact:
CRN: 491-87-00755
Mail-order business registration number: 2017-Deokyang-gu, Goyang-0840
Reporting agency: Deogyang-gu Office, Goyang-si
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.3
5 Rating(s), 3 Comment(s)
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