Night Forest is a casual breeding game developed by Nekojyarashi for mobile. 
Plant different seeds and leave them to grow with Night Forest for mobile. 

◎ How to play ◎
1. I'm going to look for plant seeds.
2. Select the "plant seed" to grow and the "animal" to take care of.
3. Just wait until you grow up.

The completed plant will be registered in the picture book.
There are more than 70 types of plants!
Let's find all the plants!

◎ Game details ◎
1. Searching for plant seeds Cats go looking for plant seeds.
All you have to do is choose the item you want to bring to your adventure.

2. Growing plants The animals in the forest will help you.
As you progress through the game, more animals will help you.
Once you've chosen the combination you want to breed, all you have to do is wait.

◎ Game features ◎
・ It's a free game until the end ・ It's a game that you can enjoy slowly ・ Animals come out ・ It's a game that grows plants ・ It's a game with a gentle world view ・ Because it contains BGM, please be careful about the volume

◎ Recommended for people like this ◎
・ I want to grow plants leisurely ・ I like animals ・ I like cats ・ I like simple games ・ I like incremental games ・ I like loose games ・ I want to be healed

◎ Material provided ◎
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.1
12 Rating(s), 1 Comment(s)
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