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Stellar Blade is an action-adventure console game developed by SHIFT UP, which is also the developer of the mobile game Destiny Child. Stellar Blade is currently still in development. It is expected to release on PS5 in 2023.

The development team of Stellar Blade is lead by the famous producer from SHIFT UP, Hyung-tae Kim. With the use of 3D scanning and motion capture, the team of Stellar Blade is determined to produce a cracking multi-platform action game that provides an excellent visual experience and slick in-game movement. 

In the story of Stellar Blade, the Earth has turned into ruin after humans losing to the mysterious invaders "NA-tives" and getting banished from the Earth. In order to reconquer humans' home planet, the protagonist, Eve, goes on a great adventure alongside her teammates to fight against NA-tives and rescue the Earth.

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