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The world is falling apart, people are in danger, and there is nobody to help. The world has fallen into the hands of fire breathing dragons. The dragon realm has reclaimed our glory and began the reign of fire. Now is the last chance to defeat this evil dragon army. The fear and fire of the dragon age now rule. Dr. Chaos is not letting this war end easily. But you can escape from this nightmare and become a dragon slayer.

Make every dragon fall under your feet while using dragon slayer monsters. These monsters are specially trained to have exceptional abilities to penetrate the dragon with a shield and make them explode. These alchemy-based dragons are not going to explode without nut heads. Find a gigantic collection of nut heads in the factory. Take the help of an alchemist to unlock all these nut heads before its too late. Become a dragon slayer and let the war of good and evil begin.


Dont shed your tears because nut heads are here to save you from years of formidable misery.

Engage in fierce battles with the army of nut heads. This battle with the dragon doesn’t require a sword or battle shield, just nut heads. Increase your chances to win in this game when you complete the levels accordingly.

Monster Factory:

As you complete a dragon slayer level, you can unlock more levels to martyr dragons even more hastily.

Dragon Fighting:

This war game comes with eye candy HD graphics and conspicuous sound effects. You can change the volume and audio specifications in the settings menu.

How to Slay Dragons?

Are you skillful enough to fight for your chance to become the #1 dragon slayer in the world? Is your heart brave enough to fight for the adventure that lies ahead? This monster slayer game is easy to download. Complete all the levels and master killing dragons. Save your land from future risks. Let everyone fear you and your monstrous nut heads. Slay thousands of dragons and get your kingdom the right it deserves.

• Become a brave monster hero with nut heads having your back. Be wise- take the help of maps to strike through each level and know how far your victory is.

• Fight for the right. Visit the monster factory every day to check your coins and use them to empower the nut head’s health.

• Defeat the evil dragons when you play this game daily without even a break.

• Summon dragons to your city and duel with them on a one to one match.

Why This Dragon Game?

If you are a true monster master, you will love to play this game. Get ready to master the compelling monsters and dragon game. This game of dragon is an exciting action-packed adventure game to play. Climb up the leaderboard with your points and become the dragon slayer and the savior of peace. Download this game now.
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