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Lineage 2 Assist is a personal assistant-like application developed by NCSOFT for mobile. This app is designed to inform you of your Lineage 2 play history anytime, anywhere outside the PC platform, and provides more fun in-game information.

Lineage 2 Assist allows you to check necessary game information such as market status, property search (sales agency/personal store), item sales information, fishing status, and mail arrival.

In addition to this, a push notification function is added to provide a variety of information, such as angel cat, raid boss, item sales, clan battle status, etc.

You can check the world chat in real-time without accessing the game, so you can check the game's status.

The Assist Gem, the currency within Lineage 2 Assist, can be obtained through Lineage 2 play. You can use the gem to get application-specific appearance change items.

■ Main features

1. Lovely Secretary "Loa."
-Stop applications full of numbers and texts!
-Now, the app has a lovely secretary, "Loa," who can laugh, talk, and react, and wishes you a safe return.

2. Basic Game Information Notification
- The app provides my character information, such as the level/EXP of the main/dual/subclass held in Lineage 2.
-You can quickly check item sales notification, mail information, fishing status, and world chat information.

3. Hunting /trading/ clan/ network information
-You register a raid boss that you want to receive notifications with this app. You will be notified by push notification upon spawning.
-You can check the personal store/sales agency information of the desired item.
-Through the battle victory/death information of the clan members and the clan notification function.
-You can more easily check what is happening in the clan even if you do not directly access the game.
-You can check the rare auction information in real-time every Monday/Wednesday,/Friday.
-You can easily check whether a clan member/friend/mentor/mentee is connected.

4. Assist gem
-You can get an assist gem each time you complete each activity and use rocks to decorate your own lovely secretary, "Loa." Some items allow new appearance items to be worn on in-game characters.

Developer Contact:
NCsoft Co., Ltd.
Address: 12 Daewangpangyo-ro 644beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
Representative: Taekjin Kim
Customer Service: 1600-0020
Fax: 02-2186-3550
Email: credit@ncsoft.com
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