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Let us take you into the extreme gameplay of modern addictive games that comes with full package to take care of all your casual gaming needs. Presenting you with our new addictive game that brings you with a unique experience of keeping and maintaining varieties of bikes, cars and vehicles!

Our love for cars never stops and we like to see and play with cars all the time. Have you ever liked to be a car freak and wanted to maintain your own collection of cars along with a touch of endless gameplay to make it more attractive and addictive? So look no forward, we have made this specifically for the cars lovers and yes it’s not only about cars , you start with cycles and go all the way up to bigger and better cars and vehicles.

The game comes with sports cars, racing cars, jeeps, 4X4, speedsters, simulation cars, drifting cars, stunt trucks, cycles, buses, firetrucks, amazing Japanese cars, sedans, motorcycles, Racing bikes and much much more that you will discover while playing. So play and discover. We have also got some unique yellow , blue and colorful vintage cars to get you excited. Play and learn.

Ever wanted to try and play a thrilling sports cars collection game? Now you can merge, see and feel varieties of your favorite cars in this game free.

Merge Cars and Vehicles is our App Store’s most addictive car and vehicles game that also offers in-app purchases filled with great, easy to learn, master until hard gameplay.

With uncovered spot areas and coming vehicles leaderboards and much more, Merge Cars and Vehicles will give you hours upon hours of entertainment

It is a new concept, which is very simple and straightforward - you have spots to merger your cars and now in this game you merge cars to make them better, bigger and modern. Classical and amazing addictive game, you will have varieties of cars and vehicles to keep you going. Every vehicle that you merge adds something to your account and will help you earn the money and be a tycoon, the more upgraded your vehicle is the better money it earns for you and your game. With the money, you buy and purchase more cars to go on your way up to make it better and bigger. The more you earn the better you become over time.

This game gives you only one addictive goal: Experience and levels. The higher levels you are on, the more space you will unlock. Higher Levels in the game will give you more spots to merge. In Merge Cars and Vehicles, we give you an opportunity to merge and build cars and vehicles.

Game features:

- 35+ vehicles including taxis, sports cars, trucks , bikes , motorcycles and more

- Simple, intuitive and easy to use controls

- Easy, addictive and very challenging

- Fun to play and the best time pass as a leisure activity

- Simple, intuitive and instinctive graphics and gameplay

- Money and Time to get you going

If you are stuck in traffic, standing in lift, free in office or unable to sleep, this is the best leisure game activity you can have to pass your time in the most amazing and exciting way,

Just start the game and help merge your cars to get far as possible.

Important message for game players

this game may include

- Advertising of our other products
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