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Living in the Ending World is a simple text-based adventure game. However, what awaits you is the inevitable death of the world. Make do with meager rations, establish a base of operation, travel through a crumbling world, build tools to protect yourself, preserve your sanity and somehow survive. It's that kind of game.
As you do so, perhaps you will see what has happened to this world and what is waiting for you in the end. And the only way for you to survive is...

■ Features

- The game features a complex interplay of various factors. Throughout it all, your knowledge and experience will be put to the test.
- Unless you have a sudden moment of genius, the average time to reach the True Ending is 5-6 hours.
- There is no leveling and no save points.
- This is not designed to be played alone. Share your knowledge with friends on this journey. However, if a challenge is what you seek, we won't stop you.
- There is a True Ending, a Good Ending and several Bad Endings.
- There is a reward for those who have seen all the endings and sub-events.

■ The Ultimate Choice

The story begins with the ultimate choice inside a ship while nuclear missile warning alarms going off: a backpack full of food, a tote bag full of tools, a suitcase full of wallets and game consoles.
The choices that appear in the game will determine your future.

■ Exploration and Bases

Explore your surroundings, find food and materials and establish a base of operation. Events will randomly occur that may help you or cause you to suffer.
At your base of operation, you can organize the junk and food you find and use each to survive.

■ Exploring New Areas

As you explore the ruins, you'll be able to explore other areas as well. The items you find and the events that occur will differ depending on the area you explore.
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