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You are a dog's kidney.
Your dog is in kidney failure and doesn't have much time left to live.
By assisting with kidney function, you can extend your dog's life a little longer and postpone the end of your dog's and old man's lives.

---You as a Kidney---
You recognize the blood as four colored blocks.
The blocks can be broken with a few taps and have the effect of "getting rid of toxins" and "gaining kidney experience".
Blocks are combined with other blocks of the same color, so the more blocks you put together, the more efficient you are.
The amount of toxins in the blocks, the amount of kidney experience and the difficulty of breaking blocks increases as time progresses in reality.

---Blood pressure---
Blood pressure is the force needed to break a block. The higher your blood pressure, the fewer times you can break a block.
You can use the "Kidney Experience" gained by breaking the block to increase your blood pressure.

---Blood pressure boost---
You can boost your blood pressure by breaking the green block to see the ad.
While boosting, you can break the block by just tracing it.

---The dog times---
Sometimes you can read clippings from your grandfather's newspaper, "the dog times", instead of seeing ads.

---Dog and old man's life---
The life of a dog and a old man who wakes up at 5am and sleeps at 10pm is tied to the clock on the device.
Watch their lives at any time of day.

Design : tokoronyori
Music : soejima takuma / Koji itoyama / Satomimagae
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.9
8 Rating(s), 4 Comment(s)
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