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[The game server will be shut down on 31 Aug 2021. ]

Girl Cafe Gun is an RPG shooting game developed by Season Entertainment Co., Ltd for mobile.

**Player are required to use a VPN to play the game. If players did not use a VPN, the game will stuck at the game beginning page without any notice/message.

In this game, players will control 12 girls to fight the world with guns. In each battlefield, 3 girls are allowed to enter the battle. After the exhausted battles, it is also the player's duty to recover their energy! The player will work as the store manager to bring the girl back safe and rest skills!

The game use the Live 2D technology to make the girls move as smooth as a video. Players can enjoy a better experience when they develop deep relationship with the girls along the stories! Together with overwhelming amount of situation and super gorgeous voice actors, players can definitely amuse themselves as the store manager with these 12 girls!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.2
140 Rating(s), 126 Comment(s)
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