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Tears of Themis is a legal drama genre adventure game made by the Chinese game developer miHoYo, the creator of Honkai 3rd and Genshin Impact. The game revolves around a new lawyer who just started working for Themis law agency.

The gameplay features the duty of a rookie lawyer to solve different mysterious cases and find the truth that lies behind the incidents. Players need to investigate the crime scenes and collect every information that they think is useful. When confronting the suspect, a card system is used to "fight" and a strategy is required to get the advantages. Lastly, present the evidence to the court to win the case!

Another core element in this game is the romance between the female protagonist and four male main characters. During the investigations, they will appear as different roles of the case. Once in a while, there will be occasions where the relationships can be built up, and let the players unlock more stories and interactions as you get closer.

Tears of Themis differs from traditional otome games (target girl gamers) with interesting gameplay of case investigation and a role of an attorney in the courtroom. But it still has a lot to explore and experience in building romantic relationships.

---Below is the information provided by the developer---
“TEARS OF THEMIS” is an otome game with puzzle elements for mobile. You are a lawyer who just graduated from university. Your task is to solve different cases and help your clients. There are four attractive men around you and you slowly fall in love with one of them while investigating different mysteries. There are different endings depending on your choices throughout the whole story. 
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.6
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