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The total circulation of the original series has exceeded 14 million (including e-books)!
Anime "Sorcerous Stabber Orphen" is now available in a casual game app!

Everyone who's played solitaire even once, come and enjoy a game with Orphen!

■ Familiar magic appears with voice
Familiar magic such as "I'm a white blade of light" appears with the voice of Shotaro Morikubo who plays the role of Orphen!
By using magic, the stage will be easier to clear, and it will be easier to obtain a higher score.
■Even people who are new to solitaire can enjoy themselves

Even if you are new to solitaire, you can enjoy yourself because the opening stages start partially cleared.
If you are in trouble, you can use familiar magic to break through.

■ Enjoy yourself at your own pace
In addition to gathering stars used to collect images from a scene of the anime, there are many other fun things to do, such as: do daily missions with various themes; collect login bonuses to improve ranks; and more!

Ⓒ2020 Yoshinobu Akita,Yuuya Kusaka,TO Books/Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Project
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3 Rating(s), 1 Comment(s)
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