Idle Space Miner-Idle Cash Mine Simulator is a simulation idle game that simulates business models such as gold mining and mining. Mix online and offline gameplay, open mines online, upgrade mines, and get idle benefits offline. You play the role of mining tycoon, build your mining system, grow gold and invest in other resources to make a profit.

Idle Space Miner-Idle Cash Mine Simulator is also a strategy game, but players do not have to fight the enemy. The focus of the game is to strategically build and optimize mining for maximum profit.

The Idle game strategy includes: tap the screen to open the mine, you can easily mine silver, gold, diamond. Make money from mining resources, upgrade your mines and other equipment, and hire new managers. After that, build your own new mine, upgrade further, and finally become a tycoon.

Idle Space Miner-Idle Cash Mine Simulator is also a space-themed game, where you will travel to unknown space, explore unknown planets, and discover unlimited valuable resources. Turn the obtained resources into cash, and continue to travel to farther planets to get even more rare treasures.

Idle Space Miner-Idle Cash Mine Simulator contains 3 interesting features that you should pay attention to. You have a robotic miner that mines gold and other resources, an elevator controller, and the last one is to transfer the gold resources to the storage warehouse. Your job is to continuously manage the number and rank of miners, elevator controllers and carrier workers. The best management model is to make these three links break even, otherwise you are likely to fall into bankruptcy. In addition, idle managers and doubling items are also very important. They allow you to optimize mining speed and upgrade costs at specific moments to help you mine more efficiently. From there, your bank account will be faster than ever.

When your bank account overflows, keep building new mining tycoons. You can mine new valuable resources and build stronger and richer empires.

Idle Space Miner-Idle Cash Mine Simulator is also an interesting course to balance labor and invest reasonably to optimize your income. By the way, regeneration, although it will reset your mine, also brings a considerable income factor, you are worth a try.

Now, become a gold tycoon, build your own empire, and make huge profits at this moment.

Idle Space Miner-Idle Cash Mine Simulator Features
❤️ Tap or idle mines to earn coins! Even if you are offline / work / learning / eating / sleeping, you still need to get idle gold coins ... always!
❤️ Be a Mineral Tycoon! With just a few clicks, it's more about automating processes and mining and distribution!
❤️ Play the tycoon game your way, increase the size of the mine or focus on the first few layers, you decide!
❤️ Idle Space Miner-Idle Cash Mine Simulator allows you to hire managers to increase your cute robot miner motivation and let them automatically collect resources.
❤️ Idle Space Miner-Idle Cash Mine Simulator allows you to collect super managers, each manager has unique skills and is ready to take action!
❤️ Idle Space Miner-Idle Cash Mine Simulator allows you to reset mine functions, upgrade performance and build more powerful space resources!
❤️ Idle Space Miner-Idle Cash Mine Simulator unlock and discover your mine as deep as possible, minimum system requirements in idle miner game
❤️ Idle Space Miner-Idle Cash Mine Simulator Many mines are still waiting for you to renovate, each mine has different designs and new resources to collect click-through games. A little tip, we have more than a dozen minerals such as silver, gold, copper, diamond, ruby, and pearl ore
❤️ Idle Space Miner-Idle Cash Mine Simulator: No internet connection required, play games anytime, anywhere

Click to become a Mine Tycoon and build your own idle mine. Are you ready? We really hope you enjoy it! (^U^)ノ~YO ~
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.0
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