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Choose your Boyfriend in High School.
Anime High School Dating Game.

★ Different Characters & Different Full Voice ★

Finally, I'm a high student now. I dreamt about my fun school life,
but wait, Am I the only girl in this school?!

Who is going to be your school boyfriend?

▷ Teacher (Voice Actor. Marc) - Listen, boys! Today, we must protect the girl in our class from the gorillas in the sophomore and junior!!!-
▶ Lucas (Top Dog in school, Voice Actor. Latte) - Hey, don't even think about sitting next to me.-
▷ Max (Sport boy in Football team, Voice Actor. Raphael) -I'm so strong, so if you stay by my side, I might break your wrist...-
▶ Kyle (Top student, Voice Actor. Sio) -Mom. This class is so weird. I'd like to change the whole class, please. Of course, except me.-
▷ Alex (Class President, Voice Actor. Terry) -Don't worry, I'll protect you.-

Game introduction
1. The Stories as the Main Character : Choose your boyfriend now.
1. Get your Event CG: The great images help you read a fun episode.
2. FULL VOICE from the Voice Actor: Voice actors make the game as real!
3. Enjoy Multi Characters: You can enjoy the story of choosing your decision!

* Official Twitter▶️ http://twitter.com/chatbookstory
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.2
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