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Fly! CAT FISH! is a casual game developed by EPIDGames. In this game, players need to help a weird kind of creature, the cat fish, escape from a fishbowl. Players need to tap the screen so that the cat fish character would jump and avoid obstacles in the way.

"We have to get out of here."

Fish or cat?
a cat trapped in a fishbowl,
get out of this stuffy space and help them to go back to the ocean
where the freedom awaits!

All you have to do is to tap on the screen.
by tapping, the character jumps forward.
the longer you press, the further you can jump.
so try to avoid the obstacle by situations!

Not only crucian cats but also collect a lot of various cute characters!
you can experience different controls for every character.

The danger never ends even you leave the house!
from the sewer to the river, river to the ocean.
the way of going to the ocean is never easy!

Try to challenge the scores with global users in the world.
who will be the long-awaited 1st place?
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Nobody rated the game yet
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