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EPID Games Retro Gaming Magazine, The First Chapter!

Mobile RPG with cute retro-inspired pixel graphics
Enjoy adventures and character upgrades on the mobile-friendly UX!

Timeline-based RPG where users compete to find relics!
Pay attention to your timeline!
Adventurers' records will be shown in your timeline!

Brings the essence of TRPG and MUD generation gaming to the modern day!
A nostalgic trip for veteran gamers, and a unique experience for new gamers!
Enjoy simple character upgrades and take on quests in the world of Log.

Dive into the competition, and be the first to find the relics!
With the most powerful adventurers, search for the legacy of the Adventure King!
Be the first to find the relic of each season, and you'll be remembered as a legend.

LOG ~The Journey Begins~
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 5.0
2 Rating(s), 1 Comment(s)
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