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Seiken Ascalon is a pixel action RPG developed by i‐fair entertainment for mobile.

Game introduction
It is a story to move the hero and save the world people by punishing monsters with the seiken ascalon.
The game screen is a retro style action rpg.

The world was dominated by demons, and it is the hero who can handle this holy sword only to save this world.
The hero was a descendant of a hero who saved the crisis of this world in the past.
Although the hero was still young and special in training of swordsmanship, he finally decided to learn
swordsmans and to go on a fighting trip.

Method of operation
Operate the hero with the four-way controller, hit the holy sword with 1 button and attack the enemy.
When the health gauge becomes 0, the game is over.
There are recovery items in various parts of the map. Taking a recovery item, two gauges recover.
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