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Discover your true love in this unique Romance Otome Game from Genius Inc!


Ever since your best friend’s parents died, she’s been struggling with her mental health. While visiting her in the hospital, she gives you a strange crystal as you discuss the arrival of the Centennial Comet, an event that only occurs every one hundred years. That night you awaken from a strange dream with one command left in your mind, “Seek the Crystal of Ananke!” What could it mean? Before you go back to sleep, you get a call that your best friend is missing. While searching for her, you encounter a strange yet handsome man, Orion. He demands answers from you that you don’t have, but disappears when two attractive strangers show up. They want answers too.

To save your friend, you must embark upon a journey with the equally dashing Rius and Cygnus, unsure if they’re investigators or something else. Along the way, you discover there’s much more to crystals than you thought, something magical. As you uncover the dark truth behind a mysterious organization known as Alf Laylah, you also unearth seemingly impossible memories. Are you who you think you are? The path to the truth has turns through myth and madness, but will lead you to the stars.

You and your traveling companions form a strained alliance to reveal the truth. But what happens when you develop romantic feelings towards these strangers? How far will you go for friendship? How far will you go for love?


A dark and mysterious loner cursed for a reason he can no longer recall. His arrogance annoys you, but there’s something about him that you can’t help but find attractive. Orion claims removing the pain of the curse is his only motivation, but you sense he may be a good person under his pompous exterior. Can you help him remove the curse and unleash the kind heart he’s hiding?

The friendliest of the new men in your life, Rius does his best to remain cool and objective under pressure. Under his warm smile, is a lurking pain from a long-lost love that fuels an unbending adherence to the rules. Will you be the one to heal his heart and make him understand sometimes rules are meant to be broken?

His politeness covers a lack of empathy, but you see his sense of humor under his cold demeanor. Cygnus wants to remain untangled from relationships to keep the respect of his peers, but his enigmatic nature may draw the two of you together. Could you be the one to break through his tough exterior and finally teach him how to love?
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.7
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