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Chimera Recollect is a pixel adventure RPG developed by InitiaSnow for mobile.

【Features of Chimera Recollect】
    ・Grow stronger with the Chimera System!
 ‎・Exhilarating battles!
 ・A vast world to explore repeatedly!

【What is the Chimera System?】

 ・Defeat and copy your enemies!
 ・You can use the skills that you enemies use!
 ・Unlimited combinations!

【Exhilarating Battles】

 ・Easy to use controls!
 ・Break your enemies to pieces!
 ・Use skills to conquer your enemies!

【Vast World】

 ・You can fight strong enemies or meet people in towns.
 ・Explore the world however you like.
 ・Discover a roguelike never-ending world.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.9
10 Rating(s), 1 Comment(s)
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