Manasis Refrain : The Girl of Hakoniwashima is an adventure game developed by Webzen Japan and INUTAN for mobile. The story of Manasis Refrain takes place in the continent of Fotania, where a world of mystical adventures begins, and a rare sighting of spirits and humans coexists in this land. After a world-threatening crisis caused by the Dark Lord, Fotania establishes “Theodoric Academy” to train the younger generation for the unforeseeable dangers in the future.

One day, our protagonist receives a letter from the Theodoric Academy…
“The Theodoric Academy invites you as a special student for enrollment. Please check the date written on the boarding pass and make your way to the Hakoniwa Island.”
– Sincerely, Griselda McWilliams,
Theodoric Academy Principal –

Come and meet all the adorable characters, fight against the enemies, and experience joyful school life with Manasis Refrain : The Girl of Hakoniwashima!
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