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Sakenoma is an action mobile game themed on drinking.

・Controle like a slingshot
Flick to adjust the direction of travel and the force applied.
It is a game style like turn-based combat,
where you choose the action according to the situation.

・4 unique characters
Intellectual,Violent, Flashy, Strange.
Each character has different advantages.

・Formidable enemy “Disturber”
Training is not straightforward. Because there are disturbers.
They are as unique as the players and are very dangerous.

・Source of vitality “Beer power”
Vitality is worn out when you act.
When the vitality is exhausted, the game is over.
At that time, use beer power!
Drink Sake to restore vitality! !

・Special Move "Beer Drive"
Drinking is not the only way to use beer power.
Let's overcome the difficulties with beer drive!
There are many types such as attack, movement, and transformation.
And if you charge a dedicated gauge,
You can activate the ultimate Special Move "Over Beer Drive"!
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