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-The future world that can measure and quantify human psychological state and personality tendency.
-An adventure game depicting an enforcer and an inspector who confronts the crime that occurs!
-The stage is in 2112. A former future city far away from Tokyo - Sado Marine City!
-You can experience various endings and various story develops, depending on how you choose selections!
-There are 11 main characters! The story is composed as if seeing human drama!
-Full voice!
-Over 15 hours of total play time!
-Game center compatible!

2112, Tokyo.
Two new agents were assigned to the MWPSB Criminal Investigation Department Division 1.
Nadeshiko Kugatachi is an Inspector whose memories were wiped, while Takuma Tsurugi is an Enforcer who is searching for his missing childhood friend.
Calm, serious, and unable to comprehend human emotions, Nadeshiko meets Tsurugi, a hot-blooded man determined to become a tough detective.
Once they encounter each other, the gears of fate begin to turn.
The story takes place somewhere far away from Tokyo in the futuristic Sado Marine City.
What will their answers be when they reach the "truth"...?
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