This is the best classic pencil puzzle, Number Place.
Fill a number from 1 to 9 in each box, horizontal row and horizontal row but without the same number overlapping.This game is simple yet has a deep amusement in it. It's also ideal for brain training.
This game is absolutely free and there will be no charge. So you can enjoy without worrying about any cost.
It will be auto-saved when you close the game screen. It is also recommended to play little by little during your free time.

■ New puzzles will be added everyday!
By default, the application contains 300 puzzles. But you can add more puzzles on the app (free of course).
Numbers of puzzle that can be added are increasing almost every day. As of April 2017, the numbers of puzzle have exceeded 14,000 puzzles!
Please add more puzzles and enjoy it.

■ Difficulty Description
[Easy] It is for beginners. Let's find out how to solve by yourself.
* We have prepared some puzzles for practice
[Medium] For people who have experienced Number Place and found Easy mode unsatisfactory. In this mode, you'll find pretty tough puzzles and easily solvable puzzles.
[Hard] There are many difficult puzzles for advanced users. There is no puzzle that can not be solved. So try to solve using the memo mode and various methods.

■ Conquer elements
  For each degree of difficulty, you can browse history such as cleared numbers and times taken to clear. Results are also reflected in the world rankings and you can always check your ranking. From the puzzle list, you can check the cleared numbers and the best time for each puzzle.

■ Enriched support
Color change of tapped numbers, color change of tapped lines and boxes, check display of filled numbers and etc... there are plenty of support functions to solve the puzzle. You can also turn ON / OFF this function in setting screen.
with a single button, you can switch memo mode, undo and redo.
When you contact us via a review or inquiry form, we will reflect it in the future improvements.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.1
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