Cute looks hard action! School system run & jump, appeared here!
The game operates the "Michiru Morinaga" high school girl,
It is a 2D platform action aimed at school within the time limit.
Full of danger during the stage!? Let's give her was safe school.

1. Rich action with easy operation
Operation method only tapping the screen. But action is rich and split.
Air jump, jump triangle, other basic actions such as caught cliff,
This game-specific "volleyball action" will be particularly important.

2. Explosion! Volleyball action
A lot of balls through the stage flying (for some reason). Hit and dangerous!
But she is the original women's volleyball staff. Let's return the ball by moving her well.
Ball around if successful will also blow all together.

3. Hard stage County of gimmicks
Many too busy stage're waiting for her.
It or running bouncing fly, sometimes you or struck the rain.
Road to clear is a steep long, but please try to come challenge!

[Introducing style change! ]
Now you can change the costumes in the ""style change"" from the new appearance ver1.1.0.
This appearance is, of course, the character of the performance change!
Such as when you get stuck Let's change the mood in the style change.

Michiru Morinaga / summer uniforms
It is conventional standard style. Air jump, jump triangle, caught cliff, volleyball action, and so avoid the automatic,
The basic actions are available. Is a little beaten weak, but there is no use restrictions, you can over and over again play.

Michiru Morinaga / Sports
Power-up compared to the conventional style ""Michiru Morinaga / summer uniform""!
Look like ""Rolling Attack"" and ""survival jump"" can be used, the other in the heart up as well, such as the remaining time up to add!
Because it was very hard to miss, and when the challenge to the difficult and can not clear the stage, when you want to change the mood
It is recommended to try out. (... it is not completely invincible say that. Careless is taboo!)

Michiru Morinaga / Contact overslept (additional than ver1.2.0)
This is a basic of which is a style of "Michiru Morinaga / summer uniforms" for the severe advanced time limit than style. This style is the other hand that would stagger the time of landing, let's aim to clear in time to leverage this because to have to endure as it is "hold out dash" will fire!

Aguri Ezaki / Summer Best (additional than ver1.2.0)
This style is different from the toss and spike are good "Michiru Morinaga", receive you can use are good, "Aguri Ezaki". This character is the higher the body's ability to on once can also be used toss and spike, but for strict time limit advanced users.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.7
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