Wow!! Somehow weird creatures appeared from the pipes!!

Pull the ball with your fingers and shoot it and hit these weird creatures!

It's so exciting if you get many combos!

■ Story
This world is filled with many pipes, and strange creatures are living in the pipes.

There are 17 places in this world.
In each place, a creature like a ball named "Master" is living.

"Master" hates weird creatures which come from pipes.

"Master" likes to defeat them. It's "Master"'s hobby.

Maybe everyone can't understand the situation, but just play it, and feel it, don't think.

■ How to play the game
Creatures living in each place are different.

If you want to find an unusual creature, let's use the coin to raise the level of the place.
The material of the pipe will change and rare creatures will appear more.

If you want to meet new creatures, try to develop the new place with the egg you gathered.

Can you find all the mysterious creatures that living in this world?

■ TIPS 1
if you raise the level of place to the maximum level 6, something will happens!

■ TIPS 2
The "Master" that exists in each place will level up and grow bigger, so you will get many combos easily.

It makes you feel better because it's so exciting.
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