Concertino Edgelord is a game with "Chunibyo" as the theme and is developed by Qmax.


The story is about the "New World Creation Incident"  in 2000. In another place different from the Earth, there is an "Isekai". In the isekai, there are demonic monsters and strange phenomenon. In order to prevent the world from this panic, the government can only choose to hide the truth and claim nothing happened.

Time has passed, it is already 2020 and the protagonist is about to enter high school. What he didn't know is that his school was actually an "Isekai High School" named "National Skyscraper Academy" where aimed to train and educate students to adapt to the isekai.

It is believed that people with a certain amount of willpower will be able to create "Another Me". "Another Me" will reflect the real self's desires and traumas. The appearance and ability will also differs under different circumstances. In short, it is possible for these people to "grant yourselves another strength".

Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.1
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