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Lead Marimo Warriors to victory and gather Believers to become the Greatest God in the world of Marimos!
Marimos are the feisty creature who love to hold battles to test their strength against one another.
You will be a new god, guiding your chosen Marimo Warriors to victory by placing right Miracles on every battle and building cool Totems which invigorates their abilities.
Show off your holy strength, then more believers will worship you.

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Easy Controls
- Lay back and watch battles, then simply drag the screen to perform Miracles!
- Your decision to perform Miracles can turn the tide of any battle!

Fun Growth
- Gather Offerings and Materials to build and enhance Totems!
- The divine power imbued in Totems grants Marimos with additional powers!

Breathtaking Battles
- Watch the exciting battles of Marimo Warriors!
- Dominate battles with your Miracles and Totems!

Colorful World of Marimos
- Meet the colorful tribes of the world of Marimos!
- Gain a better understanding of your Marimo Warriors to lead them to victory!

Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.1
3 Rating(s), 2 Comment(s)
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